Town Office is CLOSED

Customers will be seen on an EMERGENCY case by case basis by APPOINTMENT ONLY.


  • All Re-Registrations can be completed online (Vehicles, Trailers, ATV, Boats) 

  • Motor Vehicle Registrations, including Temporary Registrations (i.e. dealer 10 Day plates) have been extended by the Governor until 30 following the termination of the state of emergency.

  • Tax payments, including foreclosure payments can be done online or by mailing a check/money order (or putting it in the mailbox drop box). You may call Jenn for a payoff amount (578-0341)

  • In the instance that you have a private sale vehicle registration please arrange for an appointment with Jenn (578-0341)

Facts about Starks:
  • Located in Somerset County, Maine, 04911

  • Latitude/Longitude: 44°43′42″North     69°56′26″West  (At the Community Center)

  • Size: 32.13 square miles (83.22 km2) 

  • Population (2012 Census estimate): 640 

  • Date of Incorporation: 1795

  • Type of Government: Town Meeting (2nd Saturday of March) and 3-member Board of Selectmen 

  • Fiscal Year:  calendar year


For more information see Planning Profile of Starks at KVCOG


Town of Starks Map

The Vision for 2022…
  • A year-round population of about 700. 

  • More people working in town (home occupations and local businesses) 

  • An enhanced rural character with extensive farms and forests

  • Appreciation for history and archaeology

  • Economic activity, especially farms, local foods and goods, with notable collaboration and integration 

  • Unique natural features and exceptional vistas valued, protected, and promoted

  • A vibrant Village with services, businesses, town activities, recreation, and scenic locations 

  • A thriving local culture - arts, learning, volunteerism, and community spirit 

  • A great community for families, children, and elders to live and thrive 


Starks Comprehensive Plan

Part I (Recommendations)

Part II (Inventory and Analysis) November 2012

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