Town Office is CLOSED

Customers will be seen on an EMERGENCY case by case basis by APPOINTMENT ONLY.


  • All Re-Registrations can be completed online (Vehicles, Trailers, ATV, Boats) 

  • Motor Vehicle Registrations, including Temporary Registrations (i.e. dealer 10 Day plates) have been extended by the Governor until 30 following the termination of the state of emergency.

  • Tax payments, including foreclosure payments can be done online or by mailing a check/money order (or putting it in the mailbox drop box). You may call Jenn for a payoff amount (578-0341)

  • In the instance that you have a private sale vehicle registration please see the Temporary Registrations Guidance in link on the left.

  • If you have questions call Jenn Hebert (578-0341)

BOATS Reminder:

As of May 1st, 2020, all motorized watercraft on Maine waters must have a valid registration.

Residents should RENEW boats via the online boat registration link under the "Services" tab on this website


NEW boats will need to be done at Town Office during regular business hours. However, Town Office is NOT open for residents to just stop by...


Please call the office during regular hours (696-8069) or Jenn's Cell (578-0341), preferably during office hours, to make arrangements to safely register your new (to you) boat.


Facts about Starks:
  • Located in Somerset County, Maine, 04911

  • Latitude/Longitude: 44°43′42″North     69°56′26″West  (At the Community Center)

  • Size: 32.13 square miles (83.22 km2) 

  • Population (2012 Census estimate): 640 

  • Date of Incorporation: 1795

  • Type of Government: Town Meeting (2nd Saturday of March) and 3-member Board of Selectmen 

  • Fiscal Year:  calendar year


For more information see Planning Profile of Starks at KVCOG


Town of Starks Map

The Vision for 2022…
  • A year-round population of about 700. 

  • More people working in town (home occupations and local businesses) 

  • An enhanced rural character with extensive farms and forests

  • Appreciation for history and archaeology

  • Economic activity, especially farms, local foods and goods, with notable collaboration and integration 

  • Unique natural features and exceptional vistas valued, protected, and promoted

  • A vibrant Village with services, businesses, town activities, recreation, and scenic locations 

  • A thriving local culture - arts, learning, volunteerism, and community spirit 

  • A great community for families, children, and elders to live and thrive 


Starks Comprehensive Plan

Part I (Recommendations)

Part II (Inventory and Analysis) November 2012

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